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The Brodies Tea Selection Giveaway

Posted By James Wilson in Recipes, News & Contests on Sep 01, 2021

  Enter this fantastic Brodies Tea Giveaway which includes a Bodum infusion tea Pot and a Teabag Selection Gifting Tin.   Enter to win Contest Dates 9/27- 10/9      

Ingredients 4 Cups of all purpose flour 1 Cup Hamlyn's Scottish Porridge Oats & Bran 1.5 tbsp (15g) bicarbonate of soda 3.5oz blanched Hazelnuts 2 teaspoons of honey or brown sugar 7-8 fl oz strong beer or stout 6.7 fl oz milk 5 tsp lemon juice Method Preheat oven to 180F Mix the flour, porridge oats and bicarbonate of soda together to combine thoroughly. Add the honey or brown sugar and a good pinch of salt and mix again. Pour in your beer, milk or lemon juice and combine to form a nice dough. Put the dough into a lined loaf...

If you simply can not wait for Burn's night to get your hands on the most scrumptious food ever to be put into a can then give this recipe a try. It's easy, simple and a true crowd pleasing dish! These nachos are an ideal and quick meal for a hungry and lively crowd.  Ingredients:  Caledonian Kitchen Haggis (Sirloin or Highland) 1 cup grated cheddar or mozzarella cheese 1/2- 1 cup guacamole salsa sour cream to taste  Jalapeño peppers and black olives  (optional) Fresh chilies, finely sliced (optional)  Bag of tortilla chips Credit:

Shortbread House Giveaway

Posted By James Wilson in Recipes, News & Contests on Jun 29, 2021

  Enter to win a tin of Shortbread House Hazelnut & White Chocolate Shortbread Rounds. Contest dates 6/29 - 7/14. 

This no-bake three layered summer fruit cheesecake is really irresistible. The crunchy base is made from oats, hazelnuts, dates and coconut oil, topped with a creamy cashew, lemon and coconut layer, and finished off with a fruit layer, topped with summer fruits. Takes about 15 minutes to make, plus freezing and tastes amazing.  Ingredients 11oz Cashews 3.5oz Hamlyn's Scottish Porridge Oats 7oz Soft Dates 3.5oz blanched Hazelnuts 2 tablespoons of coconut Oil 1 can coconut milk - skim off the thick top and add some of the more liquid milk to make up to 6 Ounces 2 tablespoons maple syrup...

Summer is here and what better way to stay hydrated with these refreshing iced blends using Brodies Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea.      

World Baking Day

Posted By James Wilson in Recipes, News & Contests on May 17, 2021

May 17 is World Baking Day. World Baking Day was created by the folks over at, who decided it was high time to spread the joy of baking all around the world, especially to those who perhaps don’t bake too often and are not particularly experienced at it. This day is meant to show people just how much fun it can be to make a cake or some cookies, and baking can be a great way to spend time with family and friends. Not to mention how much fun it is to eat what you’ve made once it’s done!...

Celebrate Tartan Day on April 6

Posted By James Wilson in Recipes, News & Contests on Mar 11, 2021

Tartan Day NYC 2017   Ways to celebrate a tasty, virtual Tartan Day 2021 Feeling a bit “crabbit”, or grouchy over COVID stamping out another year of Tartan Week? You’re not alone. More than 20 million Americans lay claim as descendants of Scotland. Along with lovers of Scotland, this interest correlates into massive attendance at Tartan Day events.  Since the establishing of National Tartan Day on April 6 through Congressional passage in 1997, Tartan Day celebrations have grown across the United States. The growing number of celebrations has blossomed over the years across the country. One of the largest celebrations...

Oatmeal Scones Recipe

Posted By Becki Slocum in Recipes, News & Contests on Mar 08, 2021

  Ingredients 350g (12oz) self raising flour 110g (4oz) Hamlyns Scottish Oatmeal 110g (4oz) margarine/butter 110g (4oz) castor sugar 2 eggs 150ml (5fl oz) milk 2 teaspoons baking powder Recipe Put flour, oatmeal and baking powder into a bowl. Rub in margarine and sugar until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add beaten egg and milk and mix by hand until it forms a firm dough. Put onto a floured board and roll out until 1″ thick. Cut scones with a 2″ cutter. Place on a floured baking sheet and put into a medium oven (220°C/425°F/gas 7) for 15 minutes, or until...

Scotland Brings So Much to the table

Posted By James Wilson in Recipes, News & Contests on Feb 25, 2021

As expat owners and importers of fine Scottish brands, we're very proud to say that Scotland produces some of the highest quality food and drink anywhere in the world. But with recent events, Scotland's food and drink industry has had more than its fair share of challenges, making it quite an uncertain time for food and drink producers right across Scotland. Lend a hand and do your bit for Scottish businesses. You could have an amazing effect on livelihoods and local communities. And you won't just be protecting Scotland's food and drink industry, you'll be helping it thrive and grow. For...