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Lovely Heather Honey!💕

I bought 2 jars, one for me and a gift for a Fraser… my jar is half empty and seriously thinking of taking her jar…I haven’t sent the gift package yet 😆!

Shortbread Finger Box - Original Flavor

Ploughmans Chutney
Elaine Ferry
New taste sensation!!

Absolutely loved the chutney and will be ordering more along with some interesting cheeses I’ve seen on your website

Culinary Adventure

Trying new things is always fun. I throughly enjoyed the apricot preserves the four fruit flavors are still a working taste test. Both were very nice.

Love them!!!

I love the bar soap. Works great even in my very hard water. My hair feels great and much less frizzy after use.

Delicious breakfast.

I was making a basket for a neighbour, so I gave two to her , other two was for me. I love them, they were nice , very tasteful. I will buy again.

Very good

Best gift

Our mum was from Campbeltown, so this is a sweet gift for my sister. Reminds us of our Scots family.

Meat pies

First time trying these and I'm extremely satisfied. Easy to prepare and faster to devour. Highly recommended.


Not a crumb left!! They were the tastiest meat pies we've had in a LONG time!! Will totally order more!

They were great, it was a while since I had them.

My son ate 3 of them. I will be ordering from you again. It seems like you do run out of a lot of things, can we order them and they get shipped when you get them in,

Very small amount of orange curd

Not sure , been eating these for decades but

I grew up eating these we called them Scotch or Glasgow pies . Not to be confused with the English style Melton Mowbrey Pork pies.
Then I moved to America and only had them when I went to Scotland.
So delighted to see this site I ordered 8 pies.
I am willing to think maybe I rushed defrosting and still have six awaiting me but…..they weren’t moist , the filling was more solid than I’m used to and the distinctive peppery taste was missing. If you are Scottish and missing a pie don’t order eight . I am going to see if the sausage rolls and sausages are good though. We Scots don’t give up easily.

Heather Tea - 1.8oz
Joyce MacPherson
Smooth mellow but flavorful tea!

Love this tea in the morning!

Great morning cup

Absolutely one of the best Scottish Breakfast blends I’ve ever tried. Wonderful aroma, just a perfect cup to get me up and ready for the day.

They were delicious, I will order again.

Best cheese ever

This cheese is absolutely delicious! It's creamy and has a bite to it like bleu cheese. The only drawback is that it crumbles when sliced

Scottish Heather Organic Soap Bar Review

Shortbread House of Edinburgh Winter Whisky Cake


I cook these up and they take my right back to breakfast in Ireland. Wonderful quality of meat. tender goodness. wonderful flavor.

Delicious Jumbo Pork Bangers!

Some of the best bangers I have ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot! So flavorful and juicy… Highly recommended.

love tea

no complaints from me, loved it

Whisky & Honey Organic Soap Bar
Margaret Jonon Buford
Great experience- will be back.

Thanks - my soap is wonderful.