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Great tea for relaxing by the fire.

This tea has smooth flavor that's not overpowering and a delightful finish. Great for a nice relaxing afternoon or early evening cup.

Holiday gift

Bought this as a holiday gift...I couldn't wait to give it to them.😊they loved it!

Lovely throw!

This is a beautiful accent on a black leather sofa in our family room. Very, very pleased with the colors and texture. Would purchase again.

I like the animals on it

We like it, and the contents,


Very good.

Absolutely delicious

Arrived quickly and safely

Remembering Pitlochry!

Soooo good. Almost as tasty as when I first ate some - in Scotland this past spring! Ah,the memories the candy brings.

Unique gift

I gave this as a gift. The recipient loved it!

Pork pies

We enjoyed the great memories of these pies when we were growing up in Scotland. Along with our Beans it was a treat.

If you like to drink Bailey's...

you'll probably love these Baileys flavored fudge caramels! I really enjoyed the flavor, but I probably would've preferred about 25% less sugar.

Box of 36 Twinpack Shortbread Fingers

The Famous Grouse Malt Whisky Toffee

Authentic Scottish Breakfast Tea

I fell in love with this tea when I purchased some in Scotland. So glad I found a source for it with The Scottish Grocer.

Chutney supreme

Thhe lime and ginger adds that special touch. Yum.

Exactly as expected

Lived the cheddar oatcakes with chicken salad.

It sets us a part from the pack of other food trailers

Irn Bru is just another taste of Scotland that helps us promote our unique flavors in our menu from The Kilted Kitchen

100% Heather Honey
Marie Cosgrove
Amazing taste!

I used this honey to make Scottish Cranachan - it was delicious!


These are very tasty with great flavor like nothing else!

Tha ti cho mhath (this tea is so good)

Amazing tea, the Scottish grocer brings great things to our shores. Thanks

I love the smell very cooling

I love the smell and feel of this lotion. It's not greasey.

Savory Pouch Pies
Andrew Turrisi
I really like meat pies!

I liked the Martha Stewart cheddar meat pies that no longer can be found. I found Scottish grocers, and like them a lot, ordered 3 varieties, all were good. They arrived in good shape, very secure and frozen. One needs to thaw is fridge.
Unfortunately, the secure frozen shipping and delivery cost $80 for 3 pies.
It would be great if they were available at a specialty grocer or cutting shipping charges. I’d buy repeatedly. It will be hard to buy meat pies at a delivered price higher than tenderloin for 2.

"Royal Stewart" Wool Blend Blanket

Scottish Porridge Oats
Thomas Stadnik

I love these porridge oats

This makes it the most wonderful time of the year!

Like Elmo, this makes me wish everyday were Christmas but alas, no. I wait all year for this and get enough to last all year long.

Love this

We bought these to introduce them to people who have never seen them. We took them to a Ren faire and sold out in a matter of hours and still had people asking if we had more