Woolen Blankets

100% Luxury Lambswool

These luxurious woolen throws are woven in Scotland using only 100% Pure New Lambswool yarn. This makes them feel incredibly soft to the touch. They can be worn as a comforting shawl on cold winter days but perhaps more so as striking accents in the living room, den and bedroom

The Island Collection - Shetland Wool

Known for its durability and warmth, Shetland wool originates from the Shetland Islands, a group of islands in the northern latitudes of United Kingdom. Shetland sheep developed as a mix of native sheep , there since the late Stone age times, and later interbred with sheep brought by the Vikings and the Romans. This produced a breed of hardy little sheep with soft wool, perfectly suited for the challenging environment of the Shetland Islands.

Wool Blend - Recycled Wool

Sometimes referred to as mixed wool or even recycled wool, the wool blend generally comprises 70% new sheep's wool woven with repurposed fibers that may include a mix of different fivers derived from recycled clothing. The blend is ideally suited to weave lower cost multi use blankets. It makes a perfect accent throw for design purposes.