Presentation Family Size Sirloin Haggis (Two Sizes Available)

$ 46.00 USD

"Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware 

That jaups in luggies

But, if ye wish her gratfu' prayer

Gie her the Haggis!"

This item is available in Sirloin Beef in a fibrous casing. Contains approximately 2lbs with 10 x 3oz servings. The haggis for your Burn’s Night, St Andrew’s Night, Scottish Clan Gathering or any other such great occasion. 

Download Heating/serving instructions here.

100% USDA Choice Sirloin Beef and Beef Liver, Re-hydrated Oats, Refined Beef Suet, Water, Onions and Spices. 

Customer Reviews

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David Erla

Great taste, will definitely order again.

Adrienne Meeks
Heavenly Haggis

I LOVE haggis, and I still remember going to a Scottish festival here in the states and seeing haggis on the menu and getting SO EXCITED…until I took my first bite. It was haggis from a can and it was not the deliciousness I remembered from my travels. I was so hoping this haggis would be more like what I remembered having in Scotland. And it was every bit as delicious!!!

Paulette Magee
Unable to rate

It was mailed to me and given to the chef. All I can say, my order, once you changed it due to your supply, was delivered 'on time'.

Marian Galbraith
A teal treat for Hogmanay

We served this for our Hogmanay dinner and everyone enjoyed it.

Catherine Duthie

We have not had it yet. We are waiting for Burns supper.