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Smoked Fish, Pies, Sausages & Bacon

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Pies & Pastries

Smoked Fish


Beef Banger Sausage Rolls
Banger Sausage Rolls
From $ 14.95
Lorne Sausage
Lorne Sausage
From $ 11.95
British Beef Sausages
Beef Banger Sausages
From $ 18.95
British Beef Sausages
Pork Banger Sausages
From $ 18.95
Presentation Haggis - 4 Pound - 2nd day Air - The Scottish Grocer
Presentation Haggis - 4 Pound
$ 78.00 $ 98.00
Irish Bacon
Irish Back Bacon
From $ 31.95

Bakery Goods

Irish Potato Scones Cakes
Irish Potato Scones Bread (6 per pack)
From $ 12.95