The Highland Soap Company

Organic Soap Bars

Made with skin-loving glycerin from certified organic vegetable oils to soothe and moisturize this is the most modern way of making soap we do. Ours helps maintain supple, smooth, and soft skin.

Handmade Natural Soap Bars

Handmade in a manner first discovered by the Babylonians of old. Our cold process soaps are made using only the purest vegetable oils, before being left to cure for 3-6 weeks.

Organic Body Wash

Organic Hand Wash

Cleanse hardworking hands with our gentle liquid hand soap. Liquid soaps were first patented at the turn of the last century. Ours are made of organic ingredients.

Hand & Body Cream

Organic Hand & Body Lotion

Shampoo & Hair Care

Organic Lip Balm

Hand Care Gift Sets