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Oatmeal, Oatcakes & Beremeal Flour

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Oatmeal, Oatcakes & Beremeal Flour

Hamlyn’s of Scotland

Energise your day naturally with all the goodness of wholegrain oats 

100% natural with no added sugar, salt or additives

Packed with wholegrain oats, our range of oatcakes and oaty food is not only wholesome and naturally nutritious but also;

  • full of complex carbohydrates
  • high in fiber, both soluble and insoluble fiber
  • a source of key nutrients

Our products don't rely on added stimulants or high levels of sugar, and contain only a simple ingredient list with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. So they are a great natural way to get the energy you need to make the most of your day

Stockans Oatcakes

Based in the harbor town of Stromness, Stockans have been baking in the Orkney Islands for over 100 years... that's quite a lot of oatcakes.

Their Oatcakes are made using the best wholegrain oats, a superfood, boasting a low GI and packed with fiber, giving you a slow release of energy along with countless other benefits. Traditional Scottish fare, oatcakes continue to be popular through their versatility, and as alternative to bread and crackers.

Historically Scottish oatcakes were a staple food and were traditionally eaten with every meal rather than bread.  Oatcakes delivered a boost of good carbohydrates and were eaten with soup, or served with meat or fish.


Stockans Thick Oatcakes, 7oz - The Scottish Grocer
Stockans Thick Oatcakes (Red Pack)
$ 4.19
Stockans Thin Oatcakes - The Scottish Grocer
Stockans Thin Oatcakes (Blue Pack)
$ 3.89
Stockans Cheese Oatcakes
Stockans Thin Cheese Oatcakes
$ 3.89
Stockans Beremeal Barley Oatcakes
Stockans Beremeal Barley Oatcakes
$ 3.89
Stockans Oatcake Tin - Thin Oatcakes
Stockans Oatcake Tin - Thin Oatcakes
$ 8.39

Barony Mill Beremeal Flour

Bere is an ancient form of barley, with a unique appearance and taste, grown and milled in Orkney for over 300 years. 100% natural, it is perfect for baking bannocks, scones and biscuits.

Barony Mill was built in 1873, and has changed little since. Remains of older mills are adjacent awaiting restoration. Like most northern mills of this period, a kiln for drying the grain is integral with the building.

Grinding is done in the winter; during summer, the Mill is open to the public and the running of the machinery is demonstrated by the miller.


Orkney Beremeal Flour - 53 Ounce Bag
Orkney Beremeal Flour - 53 Ounce Bag
$ 21.89

About Scottish Oat Cuisine

Oats and barley have been Scotland's main cereal crops since the Middle Ages and unlike wheat and maize, both are willing to grow in our damp, sun-deprived climate.

For centuries Scottish Porridge has been an iconic staple in Scotland.