MacLaren Lambswool Blanket

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This traditional clan tartan throw blanket is woven in a wonderfully soft 100% Lambswool and is a fashionable accessory for the Highland inspired home.

Approximate Size: 88" x 58" (l x w)

The name Maclaren comes from a 13th Century abbot, Lachran or Laurence.  His descendants owned land at Balquhidder, about 90 minute drive North of Glasgow. Around the mid 1500’s many Maclarens fell victim to marauding MacGregors and they subsequently became unwilling hosts to Rob Roy MacGregor. The Maclarens were staunch Jacobites and took part in the uprisings of 1715 and 1745 (Culloden).  Donald Maclaren was captured at Culloden but make a dramatic escape from the English, a feat related in Sir Walter Scott’s novel ‘Redgauntlet’.  The tartan design dates back to 1819.  The Boy Scouts of America Wood Badge adopted the Maclaren tartan.