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Nova Scotia Lambswool Blanket


This traditional clan tartan throw blanket is woven in a wonderfully soft 100% Lambswool and is a fashionable accessory for the Highland inspired home.

Approximate Size: 88" x 58" (l x w)

The Eastern Maritime Province of Canada. In 1953 the local sheep-breeder’s association decided to stage an arts and crafts display at the forthcoming agricultural show. The President of the Halifax Weaver’s Guild was given the task to design a tartan.  As many Nova Scotians had links to Scottish ancestry, she chose to avoid favoritism to any specific clan. Her design was based on the colors of the Nova Scotia flag and was adopted as the official tartan for the province. The choice of colors have significance:  blue and white for the surf-ridden sea, greens for the forests, red for the royal lion on the Arms of Nova Scotia, and gold for the province's historic Royal Charter. Over the years other Canadian provinces designed their own tartan.  

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