Anderson Lambswool Blanket

$ 159.00 USD

This traditional clan tartan throw blanket is woven in a wonderfully soft 100% Lambswool and is a fashionable accessory for the Highland inspired home.

Approximate Size: 88" x 58" (l x w)

The name Anderson means ‘Son of Andrew’ and the cross of Scotland’s patron St Andrew is shown on shields carried by the Andersons. The name is common in Aberdeenshire where the Andersons or MacAndrews are generally thought to be connected with Clan Anrias, a sept of clan Ross. They are many Andersons in the US. Adam Anderson was one of the original trustees of the colony of Georgia. The origin of this tartan is unknown, but the type of pattern suggests that it had its basis in one of the 'fancy' types of design that were becoming popular in the few years immediately preceding the great 'tartan explosion' that was touched off by the 1822 royal visit to Edinburgh.