Savory Pouch Pies

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Unless you’re serving chicken pot pie, offering your American guests a meat pie may seem strange. Once a popular dish, Americans discontinued the British meat pie tradition served in the thirteen colonies–and around the world. Today, many countries enjoy meat pies as fast food, common dinner items and a traditional holiday meal. Each Pie is 7 Ounces.

Award winning Pies from the Pouch Pie Company - Gourmet Savory Meat Pies with flavors from all around the world. These international- style pies combine premium ingredients and a classic puff pastry to produce a quality product that is unique and delicious. Each pie is hand-made using locally-sourced cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and herbs and is encased in a light and flaky pastry. 

Milk, Wheat, Gluten, Soy & Egg

Customer Reviews

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Karen Durden

The steak ale and bacon pie is devine. Really only big enough for one serving unless it’s a starter, but a very special treat

Oseomoje Imoukhuede
Savoury Pouch Pies

Though my personal preference for this item is Short Crust Pastry, this came out quite well.
The filling is good but I think; it should be a bit spicy and could do with a bit more gravy in it.
I added some chilli to mine and ate it with gravy on the side though....

Ray Odiorne
Too few

Only problem there weren't enough!

Paul A Gibbs
Delicious Pies

These pies are the best just delicious

Chriss Brown

They are really good