Savory Pouch Pies

$ 8.50

Unless you’re serving chicken pot pie, offering your American guests a meat pie may seem strange. Once a popular dish, Americans discontinued the British meat pie tradition served in the thirteen colonies–and around the world. Today, many countries enjoy meat pies as fast food, common dinner items and a traditional holiday meal. Each Pie is 7 Ounces.

Award winning Pies from the Pouch Pie Company - Gourmet Savory Meat Pies with flavors from all around the world. These international- style pies combine premium ingredients and a classic puff pastry to produce a quality product that is unique and delicious. Each pie is hand-made using locally-sourced cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and herbs and is encased in a light and flaky pastry. 

Milk, Wheat, Gluten, Soy & Egg

Customer Reviews

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Love the Pouch pies. There is plenty of tasty gravy with meat.

Brad short
Text Austin will buy again.

I highly recommend the Scottish grocer.

Romero Reid
Doable Pot Pies

As an American unfamiliar with “savory” pies that aren’t chicken, I was impressed with the taste and quality of Scottish Grocers pouch pies! I just wished they were larger.

Stephanie Duncan
Steak & Gravy Savoury Pie

Very delicious and well filled pie with good flavour, will be buying again when im back in the states

Cynthia Osuji

Savory Pouch Pies