Presentation Party Size Haggis - 4lb

$ 94.00 USD

"Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware 

That jaups in luggies

But, if ye wish her gratfu' prayer

Gie her the Haggis!"

This haggis is available in Sirloin Beef only in a fibrous casing. 4lb size with approximately 20 x 3oz servings. The haggis for your Burn’s Night, St Andrew’s Night, Scottish Clan Gathering or any other such great excuse to celebrate the Scottish Bard's tribute to The Haggis.     

Or if you have a  large family  with big appetites then a  4-pounder is just the ticket.

Download Heating/Serving Instructions Here

100% USDA Choice Sirloin Beef and Beef Liver, Re-hydrated Oats, Refined Beef Suet, Water, Onions and Spices. 

Customer Reviews

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Aeddon Chipman

i haven't eaten it yet

Paulette Magee
Unable to Rate

My order was delivered as promised and kept frozen until delivered to the chef. She, having no previous experience with haggis, did not 'handle' it properly. So sorry to not be able to give an opinion.

MacDonald Pipe Band of Pittsburgh
Top notch haggis!

Our experience in purchasing a 4lb presentation haggis from The Scottish Grocer could not have been better! I highly recommend The Scottish Grocer for the following reasons: 1. Many other online suppliers of haggis were sold out when we ordered, so thank you for keeping adequate inventory levels! 2. The website was easy to use, and the ordering process was very user friendly. 3. The haggis arrived, as scheduled, in very good condition: appropriate packaging and still quite frozen! 4. The storage/defrosting/preparing/presenting instructions were spot on accurate, and very much appreciated!! 5. Our haggis, once presented and served, received many positive comments and feedback such as "This was top notch haggis!" and "Much better flavor than last year's haggis!" (referring to another brand).

One suggestion I might add: it would have been quite helpful to know that the haggis, once steamed, would almost double in size (!). I had to alter transport/storage plans to get the noble loaf to the party!

Jesse Smith
Burns Supper for 10 people.

Delicious. The best I've had.

Tom Hay B.
This haggis presented well!

Needing a haggis on short notice for a performance of the Burns poem, I ordered this and it was shipped by the wonderful folks at Scottish Grocer for next-day delivery. It held up well through cooking and right to that fateful moment of the plunge of the sgian dubh . Being a vegetarian I didn't sample the infamous pudding, but those who did said it was tasty. The 4# size was great for the 30-or-so guests at the event, although it seems I was not the only vegetarian...