Highland Beef Haggis

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Using lean meat from a Championship USDA inspected Highland (Heelan’) cow herd, this haggis is similar in taste to the sirloin haggis yet distinctively flavorful, otherwise the same ingredients as the sirloin beef haggis

Highland Beef, Hydrated Pin Oats, Water, Refined Beef Suet, Liver, Spices, and Onions.

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Thomas H McCulloch
Highland Beef Haggis

Highland Beef Haggis was good. Maybe could have been a little more spicer. Wish there had been a can of swedes or yellow turnip to go with it. On the whole, it was good and enjoyable.


We made haggis, neeps, and tatties stacks for Burns night. The haggis was tasty.

David Burrous

Tasty, convenient. Useful in many creative way: deep fried balls, panini, rolled in puff pastry, with tattoos and beeps.

Colin Hanna
The BEST haggis!

The haggis from Caledonian Kitchens, distributed by the Scottish Grocer, is simply without parallel in our country. It's available in three different meat versions, sirloin, highland beef, and lamb. My personal favorite is the lamb, but that may not be for everyone. The highland beef is probably best for most people, and the sirloin is probably the easiest to try on a new, inexperienced, consumer of this wonderful breakfast treat. Every bit as important as the quality of the food is the quality of service from The Scottish Grocer. We had a deadline for a big Scottish breakfast, and I discovered I didn't have as much haggis on hand as I thought I had. The Scottish grocer filled my urgent order with Priority, and I had haggis in hand 48 hours after ordering it.

Phillip Stern
Tasty haggis/neeps/tatties stack for Burns Supper

We wanted the veggie haggis but it was sold out so we opted for this beef and liver canned haggis. It worked great for making tasty haggis/neeps/tatties stacks. For the Address to a Haggis, we carried out a can on a platter and brandished a can opener instead of a knife. 🤣