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The Island Collection II - Shetland Wool Throws

The Island Collection II ™ of Shetland wool throws are woven from wool harvested from Shetland sheep, an ancient breed of hardy sheep that were originally found are in the northernmost Scottish islands called Shetland.  Over 200 years ago, Sir John Sinclair praised Shetland wool as having “the gloss and softness of silk, the strength of cotton, the whiteness of linen, and the warmth of wool.”  Shetland wool is known for being durable and hardy, as the climate on this northern island can get quite cold and damp. Sweaters and throws/blankets woven from this wool are the perfect solution.

This unique range of throws was designed by Gordon Kirkbright and Peter Wilson. Each design is named after an island on the West Coast of Scotland. Peter grew up sailing around the West Coast which gave him the inspiration for choosing islands to name each design.  More designs will be launched over the next year. The shades chosen are natural tones of grey, brown and white that will enhance any lifestyle space.  The throws are a generous size of approximately  80" long by 60" wide and woven in the Borders of Scotland.