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Shortbread and Cookies


Shortbread House of Edinburgh is a family run bakery based in Scotland’s historic capital. Shortbread is a Scottish icon made famous by the Walkers Shortbread  company in the Scottish Highlands. The shortbread recipes crafted by Shortbread House are in a class of their own, made by hand using traditional methods in batch ovens. Yes they might be a bit more expensive but the taste is worth the extra penny or two.

Border Biscuits was founded in 1984 as a wee biscuit maker near Glasgow but has become a national and international recognized  brand of biscuits.  But first we need to clarify that a biscuit is a cookie over here (the American biscuit is akin to the British scone). Border Biscuits have created an extensive range of cookies based on home-style recipes, and we offer the two most popular! Dark Chocolate Gingers are simply divine, and as they are a seasonal variety we recommend you buy them now before they are gone!