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BoTree Kampot Peppers & Flaky Salt

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BoTree Kampot Peppers & Flaky Salt

The King of Pepper - Loved by chefs and gourmets the world over Kampot Pepper is a rare and high quality crop grown in the Kampot region of Cambodia. 

These award winning peppers are hotter, more aromatic, richer, muskier, more floral & more complex than any other pepper. 

Kampot, Cambodia is the home world's finest pepper and renowned for the very high quality of its pepper where the best soil, climate and hydrology conditions converge to provide an ideal growing environment.  As a result, Kampot Pepper is the only pepper in the world to have attained Protected Geographic Indication (PGI), similar to Champagne, Cognac or Stilton Cheese. 

  • 100% Organic
  • PGI Certified
  • Ethical
  • Great Taste Awards Winner (UK)
  • Adored by Michelin Star Chefs & Gourmets around the world

About BoTree Farms

Bo Tree Farm is wholly owned by a Scottish-Cambodian family. They currently employ over 20 workers - many of whom are family members on the Khmer side, who receive free lodging and food as well as higher than average salaries for the sector.

Today, a seasoning renaissance is underway, sustained by traditional farming wisdom passed down through generations. Buying Kampot Pepper supports Cambodia investing again in its finest produce and only crop export. We honour this legacy through our commitment to being stewards of the earth, ethical employers, and contributing members of the Kampot community.