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Hamlyns Scottish Oatmeal

Hamlyns Scottish Oatmeal, in its distinctive red pack, is Scotland’s leading brand of oatmeal. They use only premium Scottish oats, which are stoneground, using traditional milling stones, milled to a medium grade, which makes a superb smooth porridge which can be made in a pot or in the microwave.

Contents: 35oz Oatmeal

100% Stoneground Oatmeal

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Customer Reviews

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Paula W. Heyes
This is the right stuff!

I was ecstatic to find a high-quality Scottish Oatmeal available in the United States. I lived in Scotland in the 1970s. I brought a package of oatmeal (ground, not rolled -- rolled oats were completely unavailable and unheard of where I was living) back to the USA with me and kept it sealed in Tupperware, hoping to find something similar.

I cooked up a pot of Hamlyn's, and also cooked up the last of my carefully preserved oatmeal brought from Scotland, so I could compare them. Hamlyn's is the right stuff!

Perhaps the soil the oats are grown in makes a difference.
Bob's Red Mill Scottish-style oatmeal and other US-grown alternatives were very close, but the taste is not the same.

Jean Harrison

I had to find another source of Scottish oatmeal when Bob's Red Mill was out for so long, and this is just wonderful! Will probably keep ordering from this site!