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Whisky Flavored Tea - 1.8oz

25 ct (Envelope/Tagged) Yes, you did read that right! Whisky, and without the alcohol. Marinated into large leaf Black China tea, the flavor imparts the smooth, pure taste and smells of a fine Scottish malt. The whisky flavor doesn’t have any peatiness to it. Instead, the China teas have a delicate hint of smokiness to them, which works in perfect harmony with the whisky notes. Best drunk black.

Coffee & Whisky Flavouring (no alcohol)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paul Baker
Great tea for relaxing by the fire.

This tea has smooth flavor that's not overpowering and a delightful finish. Great for a nice relaxing afternoon or early evening cup.

Michael Mueller
Distinct Flavor

This has a very unique flavor and blends well with the honey I use as a sweetener. Definitely give it a try.

Clare Atkinson
Husband’s favorite

We received a box of Whiskey Tea from friends when they returned from their honeymoon in Scotland. It has become my husband’s favorite and he has a cup every evening. Glad I was able to find The Scottish Grocer to get more

Kathi Reed
Great Taste!

Good clean taste. I loved this tea

Mary Jane Jane O'Brien

A finer tea you could not ask for. Beautiful malty undernotes. It's my daily afternoon pick me up cup of tea!