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Honey made from Heather is the worlds latest superfood

Posted By James Wilson in Recipes & News on Aug 19, 2020

Scottish Heather honey made from heather has been official confirmed as a Superfood and in study has been revealed to contain up to 10 times more of essential micro-nutrients than global rivals. Read the full article Here.


when it comes to authentic Scottish Heather Honey John Mellis sets the standard for quality and experience. With over 22 years in business, he has become known as one of Scotland’s most successful bee farmers, with his honey in great demand for it’s unique flavor. The distinctive flavor of his honey is down to the countryside the hives are positioned in, with trees, wildflowers and heather providing the nectar the bees need. 

The Scottish Grocer is proud to carry John Mellis' range of delicious honeys.





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