Introducing The Highland Soap Company

Introducing The Highland Soap Company

Handmade in the Highlands of Scotland The Highland Soap Company soap is handmade by a centuries-old, traditional process. In this slow method of soap production, it takes around four weeks to cure each carefully prepared batch. Their handmade cold-process soaps are mild and moisturizing on sensitive, dry skin.  They use organic and natural ingredients and sustainable packaging in a small-scale batch process to create some of the finest and most ethical soap and skincare products made in Scotland. 
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 Handmade in the Highlands of Scotland

The Highland Soap Company was founded by Emma Parton in her kitchen 20 years ago and remain a small family-owned maker of soap and skincare products based in the Scottish Highlands. They use organic and natural ingredients and ecological packaging to make some of the finest and most sustainably made products in Scotland. 

The Finest Ingredients

Since their products are made by hand, they know exactly what goes into each one. The ingredients they don’t wild-harvest are organic, natural and sustainable.

The Highland Soap Company knows where they come from because we buy from suppliers who are transparent with us, whose supply chains we can verify, and that we trust to be kind to the environment and caring towards their and people. 

Suitable for Vegetarians

The Highland Soap Company's products and raw ingredients are Cruelty-Free and not tested on animals. With the exception of a few which contain organic honey, they are suitable for vegans, too.

SLS Free

The Highland Soap Company's handmade soaps are free from artificial synthetic surfactants (foaming ingredients), such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) or SLES, and their creams and lotions contain No Paraben preservatives. These ingredients are widely-used in high street brands but are avoided because they leave skin dry and do lasting damage to aquatic life.


Responsible Packaging

The Highland Soap Company keeps their packaging simple and recyclable. Their bottles, jars and lids are made from post-consumer recycled packaging.

Their shampoo, body wash and conditioner bottles are made with plastic derived from sugarcane, not oil. This renewable source needs little more than natural rainfall to grow and they plan to extend this sustainable form of packaging to the other product lines in the near future.

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