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Introducing Clootie McToot

Posted By James Wilson in In Depth on Mar 09, 2022

Handmade Traditional Clootie Dumplings

Clootie McToot is a family run business, creating each Clootie Dumpling individually with the best and freshest of ingredients. They prepare and cook  traditional Clootie Dumplings using a recipe handed down through generations.  Their traditional Clootie Dumplings incorporate a modern twist to the recipe. All scrumptious warm with ice-cream or custard.


What is a Clootie Dumpling?

The first published recipe of the Clootie Dumpling dates back to 1747. A Clootie Dumpling is a wonderful Scottish fruit pudding cooked in a unique way.

Once all the ingredients are mixed to the perfect consistency, they are wrapped in a freshly boiled ‘Cloot’ that has been sprinkled with flour. Cloot being Scots for cloth. The flour is what forms the delicious ‘skin’ around the outside of the dumpling after it has been boiled.

The clatter & bubble of a Clootie Dumpling in a pan and the warm aroma of sugar and spice will ignite your taste buds.

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