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Shepherds Pies
Ronald W. Keillor, Jr.


Clotted Cream
Tonya Adams

The clotted cream is tasty but not quite what I had while in the UK. It’s close but the pasteurization mandated by America does change the taste and the texture from what is available locally. Also, this is sold at a local grocery store, at a less expensive cost. It’s good but I’d rather be in the UK with fresh clotted cream and jam!

Haven’t tried it yet.


Taste so different from American sausages.

Good little cookie

Crispy oatmeal cookie that I feel in love with during my visit to Scotland.

Smooth and mellow

Love this honey!


Loved them, with beans on top
Only problem I had was, according to the email they are supposed to call you when the order was ready but they didn’t Had to call them myself

Brodies Scottish Tea Selection

Scottish Bridies as great as Mineral Point Wisconsin Pasties

Mineral Point Wisconsin has a large Cornwall, England population. Pasties they made for the miners. Scottish Bridies have a superior crust to the Cornish Pasties of Mineral Point,

Thistle Tea
Debbie Garbe
Fun items fast ship

Not your fault that the Edinburgh tea is not so good.

Just like Grandpa used to Make.

I grew up on Finnan Haddie for Breakfast. When my Grandparents would cone to visit from the city, Grandpa would always bring a supply of Finnan Hadfie. It was my favorite. That was the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. As an adult I would get it any chance I could. I love that I found tge Scotyish Grocer. My Adult chikdren were thrilled too as it was such a treat for them when we coukd find it. Love it poached in Milk. Melted butter after that on top and in the mirning a poached egg on top! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Love them!!!!!

The Finnan Haddie brought back happy memories of my childhood!

We received the Finnan Haddie as a Christmas present. It was absolutely delicious. We have a three generation household and everyone from the oldsters to the 20 somethings really liked it. It tasted wonderful, and brought back happy memories of when my mother made it over 60 years ago. It was so good that we ordered more of it!

Steak and Haggis Pies
Ronald W. Keillor, Jr.


ShipAid Delivery Guarantee

I love it...

and I'm already dreaming up uses for it other than spread on toast. Perhaps in a cake or some other dessert? It has a very unique flavor, and I'm thinking of pairing it with fruit desserts... Yummmm!

The very BEST bacon - flavor and quality- we’ve had

ShipAid Delivery Guarantee
dennis govachini
Great Food and a nice Gift

I got shortbread and yes for my wife The products were packed nicely and sooooo good! Thanks to the Scottish Grocer! We will order again ...lots of great selections! Thanks!

Johnnyboy's Sirloin Haggis

Having received a generic 28 oz. can with no cooking instructions, it turned out nicely and for once had haggis haters going back for more. I added chopped onion and a pinch of cumin and chives, heated it in a pan, laid it in a circle of mashed potatoes with a bit of dry parsley garnish. I recommend this dish if one wants the essence of haggis without off-putting mutton aroma and the thought of lamb offal.

Great food

Loved the shepherds pie. Just the right size and seasoning for each individual pie. Was so happy to have this taste of Scotland!!

Great store

I brought a bunch of different cheeses they were all awesome

Tattie Potato Scones Bread

Fabulous Breakfast

Not a fan of oatmeal but love Scottish Porridge Oats which I discovered when visiting Scotland. So glad to discover that I can get it delivered here in the States. Fast delivery and the porridge is as good as I remember. Wish they sold a larger bag.

Adru Candle (Sandalwood & Wild Nettle)

LOVE these!

Wow, it's maybe a good thing I don't have these around the house all the time, because I would eat them DAILY. AND MORE THAN ONE. They are the perfect little afternoon treat with a cup of tea, or a delightful little night cap with a glass of wine.