Dulce de caramelo y sal marina de la Isla de Skye

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La mundialmente famosa Isla de Skye es donde obtenemos nuestra sal marina para hacer nuestro delicioso dulce de sal marina de la Isla de Skye.

Su sal marina pura del Océano Atlántico agrega un sabor brillante a nuestro ya delicioso dulce de azúcar elaborado a mano según una receta tradicional en el corazón de Escocia.

Nuestro dulce de azúcar viene en una hermosa lata decorativa con imágenes de la propia Isla de Skye.

Ingredientes: Azúcar, Jarabe de Glucosa, Leche Desnatada Condensada , Aceite de Palma*, Aroma, Sal Marina, Sal.

Customer Reviews

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So wonderful and melts in your mouth! Won't eat anything else.

Linda Holland
Memories of Scotland

Every time I have one it melts in my mouth and brings back memories of our once in a lifetime trip to Scotland.

Keith Nordeen
Good fudge

I would recommend this product, the Isle of Skye Sea Salt Fudge, to anyone and everyone that I know or meet.

Martha Dunakin
Carmel Sea Fudge

Have not received this item. It was on back order, I still want it. It is paid for, not
delivered as of yet.

Geoffrey Easter
Isle of Skye Sea Salt Caramel Fudge

This is an outstanding confection. It is the same fudge that my wife and I found in Scotland and brought home several years ago. It is great to have a domestic source for it. It is one of the best fudge candies we have ever had.