Caja de caramelos de dulce de azúcar salado con crema irlandesa Baileys

$ 13.89 USD

Durante años, personas de todo el mundo se han enamorado del lujoso sabor del licor de crema irlandesa original BAILEYS®, y ahora hay aún más formas de experimentar el sabor de BAILEYS® probando este lujoso dulce de azúcar.

Contenido: caja de 7,1 oz con 22 piezas de dulce de azúcar sin gluten envuelto individualmente.

Azúcar, jarabe de glucosa, leche desnatada condensada azucarada, aceite de palma*, Baileys (1%) (leche), aromas (contiene E150B), sal marina (0,4%), sal *Procedente de fuentes sostenibles

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Shirley Duvall

Very pleased


Our son and daughter in law and daughter and son in law got a combination of Italian and Scottish gifts for Christmas this year. I was born in Scotland and my husbands family is Italian, like Christina Conte. Our daughter in law opened it almost immediately and said how DELICIOUS it was. I may have to get a box for myself now!

Don't order when it's hot outside

I happen to order my first box during a heat wave and they arrived fine, it's just like the sugars separated and they weren't creamy. Very strange but that's the only thing I could think of that made them like that. They were gritty not smooth and creamy.