The Scottish Bee Company

Uniquely flavorful honeys that evoke a sense of Scotland’s unspoiled wilderness, produced in the heather covered hills of Scotland.

About The Scottish Bee Company

The Scottish Bee Company was founded back in 2017 after long discussions about what could be done to help the environment. They started off by giving bees to beefarmers across Scotland in order to help them as there was no funding available to beefarmers. They increased bee numbers by 23 million but quickly learned that there many more types of pollinators that needed our help. This led to starting their sister charity, 10p from every unit sold goes to this charity that aims to increase pollination through education programmes and wildflower projects. Since then they have achieved multiple awards for their honey and are currently working hard to tackle the problem of honey fraud around the world. They only use recycled or recyclable packaging and source ethical honey, beeswax and scents and always strive to learn more and be the best in all of these areas.