Boîtier Haggis pour farce (deux tailles)

$ 7.95 USD

Enveloppe fibreuse de qualité alimentaire pour fabriquer votre propre haggis !

Petit – 2,86 pouces de diamètre x 20 pouces de long, adapté pour faire un haggis en utilisant 2 à 4 canettes de 14,5 oz de haggis

Grand – 6,85 pouces de diamètre x 26 pouces de long, adapté pour faire un haggis en utilisant 5 canettes ou plus de 14,5 oz de haggis

La longueur excédentaire du boyau est coupée après avoir bourré le boyau et attaché avec la ficelle fournie.

(Des instructions complètes pour préparer votre propre haggis en utilisant des boîtes de haggis Caledonian Kitchen sont fournies)

Téléchargez les instructions pour réaliser votre propre haggis de présentation

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Good size and consistency

The casing was sturdy and useful for the haggis. This is the second time I've used it, and I was pleased once again. I will certainly order it next time I make haggis as well. I did not use canned haggis, but made my own mixture, so I needed a casing that would stand up to the boiling process, which it did quite well.

A. Stewart

This is the first time that we've received the smaller casing - I didn't pay enough attention to there being a choice. Even though we only used 2 cans, the smaller diameter made the casing more difficult to stuff. As well, the stuffed casing was so long that it was difficult to fit it into our steamer. Next year we will order the larger size.

Otherwise, we were well pleased with the product, as were our guests.

Jonathan Barter
Casing review

Generally I was very happy with this product as an alternative to organic material.
It held together very well and did not appear to impair the flavour of the haggis.

Alan Hebert

worked great!

David Carpenter
My first haggis!

I've been making my own sausage for years, so I'm familiar with bung casings, and I would have liked to one for this, but they're expensive and they're not available locally. This casing was just fine, it was inexpensive, and I was able to get it quickly.