Sélection de doigts sablés (paquet de 3)

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Délicieux sablés faits à la main d'Édimbourg au goût riche et beurré.

La gamme de produits Shortbread House est fabriquée à la main (et non « cuite à la main » – un terme trompeur utilisé par d'autres entreprises). Cela fait une énorme différence au niveau du goût et de la texture.

Cette sélection comprend 3 boîtes de 6oz :

  • Recette originale
  • Gingembre tige
  • Chocolat Noir & Orange

Customer Reviews

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Ann Buffini

They were delicious, I will order again.

Stephani Finley

I love all of these. The plain are great with fruit or dipped in chocolate. I think my favorite were the ginger.

Margaret Mahaffey

Our gifts were not described by our sons, only that they had received them when we asked, days after delivery. When asked how they enjoyed them, they said 'Great." Your service is excellent but unless we can get further information on the shortbread fingers quality from these guys, we have no way of knowing. My guess is that your quality of product is excellent as well. I'll let you know if we can get more specific info.

Marilyn Stolte

When I was in Scotland I had the joy of getting to know what GOOD shortbread tastes like. I love your regular but simply crave the ginger shortbread. I have shared some with speciality stores that do business with you so they can start carrying it

Kathryn McFadden-Riddle
A taste of Scotland in the US

I was gifted a sampler tin of shortbread and I cannot say enough great things about the taste and quality of this product. The delicate crumb, the lovely crunch, and the uniqueness of each flavor make it a perfect teatime snack. I have returned to the website to see about ordering more for me and my husband (who also can't stop complimenting the delicious, flaky, buttery texture). An added bonus - the tin is quite pretty and perfect for my collection.