Chips de pommes de terre aromatisées au haggis et au poivre noir concassé Mackies

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La somptueuse saveur de haggis combinée aux épices du poivre noir concassé donne un croustillant de pomme de terre particulièrement savoureux. Il faut essayer pour le croire !

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Pommes de terre, huile de tournesol à haute teneur en acide oléique, assaisonnement haggis et poivre noir concassé (7 %) (sucre, extrait de levure en poudre, épices (dont poivre noir), farine de blé (farine de blé, carbonate de calcium, fer, thiamine, nicotinamide), sel marin, poudre de levure, biscotte (blé) , poudre d'oignon, arômes naturels, extrait de malt d'orge , acide : acide citrique, poudre d'avoine ).

*allergènes en gras

Customer Reviews

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Craig Anderson
Spicy reminder of the real thing

Had this in Glasgow, haggis isn't easily made or obtained in the US, so the reminder of the taste is nice

Chi Pham
Best chips!

We had these chips on a train ride in Scotland a few years back and absolutely loved them - these are so yummy and the chip thickness and crunch are perfect. They weren’t available at all grocery markets in Scotland, and these aren’t available in any stores in the US. I finally decided to buy them as presents and for myself!

Erica Johnson
All wonderful

Each January we look forward to our shipment of Mackie’s Haggis Crisps to help us celebrate Robert Burns Day. Every year we are surprised how amazing they are and how much we love them. Thanks for everything. All was delightful. 🙂

Thomas R. Keery, II
The Best Chips Eva

Don’t be turned off by the Haggis label - these chips are more Barbecue meets salty and savory. It’s fine with me if you don’t try ‘em - more for me!

Marsha Vogel
Haggis chips

I bought these for my son as he loved them when we went to Scotland. He was very pleased with the gift!