Mellis Honey

About Mellis Honey

At Mellis Honey, their philosophy is rooted in promoting one of nature's most precious resources: honey. Their brand name, derived from the ancient Latin word for "from honey," reflects their commitment to honoring the hard work of bees, which are vital pollinators that support the growth of flowers, trees, and other plants essential to our ecosystem. Honey has been used in a variety of ways for centuries, and today, they offer a collection of the finest honey products, crafted in collaboration with carefully selected beekeepers and producers. With 400 hives covering 100 square miles of Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland, John Mellis has become known as one of Scotland’s most successful bee farmers, with his honey in great demand for it’s unique flavor. The distinctive flavor of his honey is down to the countryside the hives are positioned in, with trees, wild flowers and heather providing the nectar the bees need. John Mellis works hard at achieving such distinctive flavors in his honey, actually transporting hives throughout the season to the most interesting flower sources to save the bees making long flights in search of their precious nectar! The honeys we supply are set honeys (as opposed to runny honey). Set honey is made in a high speed centrifuge. Some separation may occur over time.