Pan de soda tradicional irlandés

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Pan de soda tradicional irlandés elaborado desde cero con suero de leche y pasas dulces (pan de 16 onzas). ¡Este pan de soda denso pero suave con suero de leche se disfruta mejor cortado en rodajas con mantequilla y una buena taza de té o café! Elaborado 100% a mano sin conservantes, por lo que es mejor conservarlo congelado hasta el momento de disfrutarlo.

Se almacena bien en el congelador.

Tamaño: Pan de 1 libra

Harina de trigo, margarina, azúcar, gasificante, sal, suero de leche, pasas, huevos.

Customer Reviews

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Janice McGraw
Irish Soda bread

Bread had a good flavor but was too dry and crumbly Delivered with dry ice to keep cold but this process may have dried the bread out. I toasted the bread which made it taste better but made it more crumbly. Dry ice would be better placed in a separate container instead of directly adjacent to bread.

Doreen giambrone
Soda bread.

I had this each morning , till it was gone, smothered in Irish butter, and a nice cup of tea.
Loved it.\

Mary Perpich
Excellent soda bread

Really enjoyed this soda bread. texture was good, flavor as it should be and generous in size. My only complaint was that it became crumbly once the loaf was cut. Hard to work with.

Pat Kotas
Irish Soda Bread

This came wrapped well and very fresh! Delicious toasted with breakfast and for an evening snack with tea. Delicious!

Pat Kotas
Irish Soda Bread

Excellent came wrapped and extremely fresh. Very delicious