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Shortbread House of Edinburgh

The Shortbread House range of products are handmade in Edinburgh using traditional methods and an award-winning made family recipe that has been passed down through many generations.

About Shortbread House of Edinburgh

Shortbread House of Edinburgh is a small, family run bakery based in Scotland’s historic capital.Their products are genuinely made by hand using traditional methods giving the products a unique taste, texture and appearance. The result is a range that is genuinely made by hand to ensure that the taste, texture and appearance is far superior to mass produced products. This is achieved by providing our small team of skilled bakers with only the very finest ingredients. Their range of premium products is sold in quality stores in the UK and abroad. The superiority of Shortbread House’s products has been endorsed by the company winning over 90 of the prestigious Great Taste Awards. These awards are judged by a panel of experts who undertake a blind tasting. All the products are judged purely on taste. Modesty often forbids Anthony Laing to discuss the matter, but there is no denying the fact that the family behind the success of Shortbread House of Edinburgh is one with a strong baking tradition. Anthony's father was Lord Laing who was chairman of United Biscuits. Which is why the family has been referred to more than once as a baking dynasty. In 1989 Anthony & his wife Fiona decided to make the most of the Laing family's generations of baking experience by buying an existing one-woman business based in Scotland's historic capital city of Edinburgh.