Mackie's of Scotland

Made “from plough to pack” in Scotland, Mackie’s Potato Crisps deliver natural goodness and tasteable difference in every crunch.

About Mackie's of Scotland

Since we began making ice cream in 1986, we have launched over 220 products, made over 1000 flavours, made countless mistakes and had many good parties – a combination which provides us with lots of fond memories! Mackie’s potato crisps were created in 2009 in our joint venture with another fourth generation farming family, the Taylors and their potato growing and processing business in Fife. As with ice cream, we focussed on creating great taste and using all natural ingredients – to make potato crisps which taste of… potato! Mackie’s crisps were launched with some spectacularly Scottish flavours – like Haggis & cracked black pepper, along with more traditional favourites like Sea Salt or Mature Cheddar & Onion. Mackie’s crisps were a huge success in Scotland and abroad. The Taylor family bought out Mackie’s shares in the joint-venture company in 2022, launching Taylors branded crisps in 2023.