Christmas Pudding, 16 Ounce (Serves 4-6 Servings)

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Stuffed with raisins, sultanas, carrot, apple, mixed peel, dates, cherries, apricots, stem ginger, almonds, walnuts, spices and glugs of brandy & sherry, this is a very special Christmas pudding!

This 1lb pud is perfect for 4-6 people.

Contents: 16oz cake in foil wrap

Raisins, sultanas, cotton seed oil, eggs, dark sugar, carrot, candied mixed peel, glucose fructose syrup, salt, sulphur dioxide, citric acid, wheat flour, apples ,non hydrogenated suet/palm oil, sunflower oil, water, dates, brandy 2.5%,sherry2.5%,glace cherries, sugar, fruit juice concentrate, stem ginger, ginger sugar, wheat flour crumbs, almonds, walnuts, golden syrup, mixed spice, preservatives, potassium sorbate

Heating instructions: 

Steam: leave in basin with lid on. Place the basin in a steamer over boiling water and steam for 2 hours. Ensure that water does not enter the pudding. Do not allow the steamer to boil dry.

To Microwave: this is a guideline only. we suggest that you consult your instruction manual. Pierce film lid and place in microwave on a microwavable plate. Heat on full power: 800W for 2 minutes 30 seconds or 900W for 2 minutes 30 seconds. Leave to stand for 2 minutes. heat on full power for a further: 800W for 2 minutes 30 seconds or 900W for 2 minutes. leave to stand for 3 minutes before serving.

Customer Reviews

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Ann Hirsch
Christmas pudding

My guests loved it and so did I.

Alexis Adler

Christmas Pudding, 16 Ounce (Serves 4-6 Servings)

Gregory Huvaere
Traditional Scottish Christmas Dinner Dessert

My wife of almost 45 years is from a little town near Glasgow Scotland. We had our immediate family over for Christmas Dinner. Sausage rolls and charcuterie board for appetizers. Prime 45 day aged center cut New York strip loin roast with Marchand de Vin , Gratin Dauphinois and Steakhouse Creamed Spinach. Served the Christmas Pudding Flambéed with Brandy for dessert. It served as the crescendo to a memorable family Christmas dinner.

Timothy B Obarow

I love a rich dark fruit cake. The Cartmel Christmas Pud ticked all the boxes! Warmed and topped with their sticky sauce, I could hardly stop eating it!