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"Eriskay" undyed Wool Blanket

Eriskay is alive with the essence of the Outer Hebrides – and as such has provided much inspiration to the arts, prompting the penning of the famous Hebridean song, the "Eriskay Love Lilt" as well as furnishing the storyline for one of Scotland’s most famous stories – "Whisky Galore" written by Compton Mackenzie in 1947.

It was off the shores of Eriskay that the ship the S.S Politician foundered in 1941 – and from here that the local seafaring community set sail to salvage her precious cargo of Whisky bound for America and which was in short supply on the islands during the war years. Island fishermen used their boats to reach the wreck, reportedly bringing more than a thousand bottles ashore, which they distributed across the island using the indigenous Eriskay ponies – a hardy Hebridean breed of which there are only around 400 left on earth.

Approximate Size: 76" x 53" (l x w)

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