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Irish Back Bacon Rashers, 8oz Pack

No matter your preferred country, breakfast in the British Isles is not complete without authentic, imported back bacon rashers. 

Morgan Hill offers you authentic British back bacon rashers.  These rashers are made from pork backs imported from Denmark then sliced and packaged in the U.S.  These Rashers are identical in every way to the rashers you came to know and love while growing up! Cured salty Bacon rashers. 
  • Irish Bacon is shipped frozen. Cook within 7-10 days or store frozen for up to 6 months.
  • We ship Monday - Wednesday with guaranteed 2 day shipping. 
  • Ships in a eco-friendly biodegrable cooler box with dry ice & 100% drain safe ice/gel packs. 
Please visit our shipping & returns page for more info on our commitment reduce plastic packaging waste 🌲

$ 8.89

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