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Haggis Cornish Pasties

Our signature Caledonian Kitchen Sirloin beef haggis with neeps & tatties with a whisky sauce.

Made with a golden pastry enveloping a tender beef and vegetable filling, Cornish pasties have humble origins. Originated as a portable lunch for workers and notably miners, everything in a pasty — from the pastry dough to its fillings — is made to withstand a journey underground without falling apart.

    • Meat Pies are shipped frozen. Bake within 5 days or store frozen for up to 6 months.
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$ 8.50

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
morris Cohen
Haggis Cornush Pasties

not to my taste more like a vegitable pie.I prefer regular cornish Pasties

Tim Myers
Tasty Pasties

These morsels are savory and tasty. Bigger than a single bite. I enjoyed them and a perfect compliment to Scottish meat pies.