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Haggis Casing for Stuffing (Two Sizes)

Foodsafe fibrous casing for making your own haggis!

Small -  2.86in diameter x 20in long suitable for making a haggis using 2 -4 cans 14.5oz  of haggis

Large - 6.85in diamter x 26in long suitable for making a haggis using 5 or more cans 14.5oz  of haggis


The excess length of casing is cut off after stuffing the casing and tying with string provided.

(Full instructions in making your own haggis using cans of Caledonian Kitchen haggis are provided)

Download the Instructions for making your own presentation haggis

$ 7.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alan Hebert

worked great!

David Carpenter
My first haggis!

I've been making my own sausage for years, so I'm familiar with bung casings, and I would have liked to one for this, but they're expensive and they're not available locally. This casing was just fine, it was inexpensive, and I was able to get it quickly.

Ken Lambla
full instructions?

Please send "full instructions provided" for the two casings I recently bought. I traditionally fill the casing and place it in slow-boiling water for 2-3 hours.