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"Barra" undyed Wool Blanket

 Barra is situated at the South end of the Outer Hebrides,  The island derived its name from the 6th/7th AD  Irish Bishop, Finbarr of Cork.  Some claim that he may have been born in Scotland. Whatever the association he had with the island, such as Columba had with Iona, Barra got it name from Saint Finnbarr of Cork. There is a ruined church named after him on the island. Four smaller islands lie South of Barra:  Vatersay, Sandray, Pabbay and Mingulay.

A population of 1,174 was counted in a census in 2011.  Gaelic is widely spoken with more than 60% of the population speaking in this language.

Barra has its own “airport” with the North beach serving as the landing strip at low tide.  During the summer months a weekday service to and from Glasgow is available. The only other commercial airport is over 130 miles North at Stornoway on the island of Lewis.

Castlebay is the main village on the island and overlooks Kisimul Castle. The castle is built on a rocky islet in the bay and only accessible by boat.  Legend has it that was the stronghold of the MacNeils since the 11th century. More recent archeologic findings have discovered that the tiny island was inhabited thousands of years before.

The Atlantic side of the island has magnificent sandy beaches from which you can watch the mighty Atlantic rollers come ashore.



Approximate Size: 76" x 53" (l x w)

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