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Getting Creative with Tea Towels

Posted By Veronica Staub in Recipes & News on Jan 27, 2016

Looking for the perfect wedding favor or hostess gift ? Check out our beautiful assortment of Tea Towels.

Traditionally these charming towels are used to hold a steamy pot of tea, cover up warm baked goodies, clean and dry fine china and crystal, or simply as a decorative addition to the kitchen.

They are a wonderful addition to your household textiles dating back to 18th century England. In those days they were used as a means by which women could show off their embroidery skills. In today’s DIY frenzy we have found a few creative ways for you to show off your crafty skills!

FOLD AND COVER A SIMPLE PILLAR CANDLE with a bright and beautiful tea towel, fasten with a colored satin bow and a long stemmed match stick. Brides can coordinate the colors of their wedding and get even more personalized with scented candles. For out-of-town guests place one in hotel or guest rooms on a bedside table or in the bathroom for a polished and refined touch.

WRAP AND TUCK a natural cotton tea towel around your favorite variety of coffee bean or baking mix, tie up with some natural twine or  burlap ribbon and include a handy aluminum scoop for an industrial-chic look! Perfect party favors or just-because gifts! I love to have this sort of gift on-hand. In the south we call them “surcees” …a for-no-particular-reason type gift!  

BUNDLE UP A PAIR OF WARM & CRUSTY Baguettes, tie with a ribbon and secure your favorite jar of Mrs. Bridges jam in the center. The velvet ribbon adds sophistication and  elegance to this inviting gift; perfect for any host or hostess and would make a fabulous first impression on a new neighbor!


Our entire collection of Tea Towels are imported from Scotland and 100% Cotton



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