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  • Scottish Breakfast Tea - 1.8oz

    Scottish Breakfast Tea - 1.8oz

    25 ct (Envelope/Tagged) A traditional blend of the finest teas from Assam, Ceylon and East Africa. This brews a rich golden cup of tea with strength and liveliness to waken the taste buds. Learn More
  • Heather Tea

    Heather Tea - 1.8oz

    25 ct (Envelope/Tagged) There is nothing quite like seeing the highlands when the heather is in full blossom. As well as being beautiful it’s also delicate and sweet to taste when brewed. A rich and malty Assam tea works well with this sweetness, and a dash of the best African tea lifts the whole blend to make a smooth and perfectly balanced cup of tea with a long sweet aftertaste. Learn More
  • Whisky Flavored Tea

    Whisky Flavored Tea - 1.8oz

    25 ct (Envelope/Tagged) Yes, you did read that right! Whisky, and without the alcohol. Marinated into large leaf Black China tea, the flavor imparts the smooth, pure taste and smells of a fine Scottish malt. The whisky flavor doesn’t have any peatiness to it. Instead, the China teas have a delicate hint of smokiness to them, which works in perfect harmony with the whisky notes. Best drunk black. Learn More
  • Thistle Tea

    Thistle Tea - 1.8oz

    25 ct (Envelope/Tagged) Thistle blossom has a slightly fruity tang to it, Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company's taster looked to Dimbula in Sri Lanka. The teas from Dimbula are rich and rosy with a delicate piquant flavor, and with a little bit of East African teas added in as well. Thistle tea has a pleasing sharpness complimented by a long, stimulating, appetizing finish. This tea works well with a slice of lemon, but can be enjoyed just as much black or with a dash of milk. Learn More
  • Highland Blend Tea

    Highland Blend Tea - 1.8oz

    25 ct (Envelope/Tagged) This blend is one of the lighter, delicate teas in the range, and is perfect as an afternoon tea. A large part of the Highland Blend comes from East of the Rift Valley in Kenya. This tea is perfect black, white or even with a slice of lemon. Learn More
  • The Scottish Collection - 3.5oz

    The Scottish Collection - 3.5oz

    (Envelope/Tagged) - 10 ea Thistle, Heather, Whisky, and Scottish Breakfast. Learn More
  • Whisky Flavored Coffee

    Whisky Flavored Coffee - 8oz

    The finest quality freshly ground coffee with a distinctive malt whisky flavor. Learn More