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Traditional Scottish haggis crafted in the US with USDA inspection and approval. Available in Sirloin Beef, Highland Beef from a private championship American herd of Highland cattle and Lamb. Contains no artificial preservatives, MSG or pork fat.

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  • Highland Beef Haggis - 14.5oz

    Highland Beef Haggis - 14.5oz

    Using lean meat from a Championship USDA inspected Highland (Heelan’) cow herd, this haggis is similar in taste to the sirloin haggis yet distinctively flavorful, otherwise the same ingredients as the sirloin beef haggis Learn More
  • Sauce For Haggis with Redcurrants and Whisky - 7.4 oz

    Sauce For Haggis with Redcurrants and Whisky - 7.4 oz

    An age old secret recipe made with redcurrants, whisky and Horseradish that will compliment your favorite Caledonian Kitchen Haggis. Learn More
  • Sirloin Beef Haggis - 14.5oz

    Sirloin Beef Haggis - 14.5oz

    Try our original award-winning Sirloin Haggis! It is made with the finest ingredients along with special attention to quality and cooking method. We recommend the traditional combination of "haggis, neeps and tatties". Learn More