Edinburgh Shortbread

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  • Original Shortbread Bites - 5.3oz

    Original Shortbread Bites - 5.3oz

    Original Shortbread bites are made using a proudly guarded recipe passed down through many generations to the founder of Shortbread House. Using the best quality butter and a little ground rice gives a delicious flavor and a light crisp texture. Learn More
  • Ginger Shortbread Bites - 5.3oz

    Ginger Shortbread Bites - 5.3oz

    Tasty pieces of the best Australian stem ginger and ground ginger are added to these light crumbly shortbread biscuits giving them a distinctive flavor Learn More
  • Mocha Shortbread Bites - 5.3oz

    Mocha Shortbread Bites - 5.3oz

    A subtle continental mix of coffee and chocolate flavors combine to create a special cookie with a tasty twist. Learn More
  • Lemon Shortbread Bites -5.3oz

    Lemon Shortbread Bites -5.3oz

    These lemon shortbread cookies are truly irresistible. Real lemon fruit and the best Sicilian lemon oil give them a delicious flavor - a heavenly contrast between the sweetness of the shortbread and the sharp taste of citrus. Learn More
  • Shortbread Fingers

    Box of 36 Twinpack Shortbread Fingers

    Handmade delicious shortbread from Edinburgh with a rich and buttery taste. Contains 36 packs of Shortbread (2 shortbread fingers per pack) Learn More
  • Christmas Shortbread Cookies -7oz

    Christmas Shortbread Cookies -7oz

    Festive shortbread with a traditional 'mincemeat' of seasonal fruits and fine citrus peel. Learn More