Border Biscuits

Border Biscuits have been proudly producing the best biscuits for over 25 years. Mouth-watering ingredients, like butterscotch, fresh butter, fine castor sugar, rich milk chocolate and juicy sultanas are all very well. But, for a fresh-tasting cookie, you need a really good recipe.

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  • Butterscotch Crunch Cookies - 5.3oz

    Butterscotch Crunch Cookies - 5.3oz

    Butterscotch chips, fresh butter and sugar combine to give a honeycomb texture and a unique toffee like characteristic. A delightful cookie. Learn More

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  • Border 100 Pack Selection

    Border 100 Pack Selection

    100 packs per box with 2 Cookies per pack: 20 Viennese Whirls, 20 Butterscotch Crisp, 20 Chocolate Chip Brownies, 20 Chocolate Chip Shortbread, and 20 Crumbles Learn More
  • Dark Chocolate Gingers

    Border Dark Chocolate Gingers - 5.3oz

    Crisp, crunchy and smothered in deliciously dark chocolate, this cookie reveals a mischievous ginger tang on the tongue. The intense flavor of Border's Ginger Crunch, thickly covered in a deliciously strong dark chocolate. A highly addictive combination! Learn More

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  • Strawberry & Cream Shortbread - 5.3oz

    Strawberry & Cream Shortbread - 5.3oz

    Butter shortbread made meltingly moreish with strawberry pieces and dairy cream that taste forever summer. Learn More
  • Borders Spicy Ginger Crunch - 5.3oz

    Borders Spicy Ginger Crunch - 5.3oz

    Borders special Recipe for a traditional, crunchy, spicy biscuit with a crisp gingery bite Learn More