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  • Cranberry Sauce with Port - 8.8 oz

    Cranberry Sauce with Port - 8.8 oz

    A rich sweet and spicy chutney, Mrs Bridges recommends this one for brie and crackers or with cream cheese as an upper crust sandwich filling. Learn More
  • Sauce For Haggis with Redcurrants and Whisky - 7.4 oz

    Sauce For Haggis with Redcurrants and Whisky - 7.4 oz

    An age old secret recipe made with redcurrants, whisky and Horseradish that will compliment your favorite Caledonian Kitchen Haggis. Learn More
  • Chilli Jelly

    Chilli Jelly -8.8oz

    A hot jelly, made with chilli flakes. Learn More
  • Redcurrant Jelly - 10oz

    Redcurrant Jelly - 10oz

    This is a Christmas special from Mrs B - and when you see the rich festive red color of this jelly you'll see why. Serve with roast lamb or turkey slices or add it to your gravy for an extra special treat. Learn More
  • Port Wine Jelly - 8.8oz

    Port Wine Jelly - 8.8oz

    Goes well with game and meats. Also makes a delicious spread on biscuits and english muffins. Learn More
  • Cumberland Sauce -10oz

    Cumberland Sauce -10oz

    Glossy and burgundy-colored, this traditional English sweet-and-sour sauce turns pork tenderloin into an elegant entree. Delicious with pork or turkey and can be used as a glaze for ham. Learn More