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  • Lemon Curd -12oz

    Lemon Curd -12oz

    Beautifully fresh tasting - this is Mrs Bridges classic curd. What more can we say? Learn More
  • Ginger Preserve with Malt Whisky - 12oz

    Ginger Preserve with Malt Whisky - 12oz

    The bestselling preserve from Mrs Bridges has been fortified with a hint of Whisky. Learn More
  • Chili Jam

    Chili Jam - 12oz

    Sweet, spreadable spiciness in a jar. That is the joy of Mrs. Bridges' Chili Jam. Learn More
  • Lime Curd -12oz

    Lime Curd -12oz

    A zesty new addition to the range! Perfect for those who enjoy strong citrus flavors. Learn More
  • Damson Preserve - 12oz

    Damson Preserve - 12oz

    Deeply opulent in color - this nostalgic preserve is richly comforting. Learn More
  • Morello Cherry Preserve - 12oz

    Morello Cherry Preserve - 12oz

    A new preserve from Mrs Bridges! Made with tasty morello cherries, this is a chunky preserve, ideal for afternoon tea. Learn More
  • Blackcurrant Preserve with Sloe Gin - 12oz

    Blackcurrant Preserve with Sloe Gin - 12oz

    A hint of classic Sloe Gin adds the perfect twist to a traditional blackcurrant preserve. Learn More
  • Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve

    Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve - 12oz

    Once described as 'the noblest of conserves' this rich deeply colored preserve doesn't disappoint. Learn More
  • Victoria Plum Preserve

    Victoria Plum Preserve - 12oz

    A traditional favorite Learn More
  • Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve

    Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve - 12oz

    Another classic from Mrs Bridges' kitchen. Rhubarb and ginger - a match made in heaven. Learn More
  • Orange Curd - 12oz

    Orange Curd - 12oz

    Another new addition to the range of curds. Perfect to spread over hot toast, for a citrus favorite. Learn More
  • Ginger Curd -12oz

    Ginger Curd -12oz

    A delicious curd made from fresh eggs and butter with a strong ginger flavor. Learn More