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  • Marmalade with Stem Ginger

    Marmalade with Stem Ginger (pack of 6) - 1.5 oz

    Tangy stem ginger makes an exceptionally fine alternative to Mrs. Bridge's traditional marmalade Learn More
  • Orange Marmalade

    Fine Cut Orange Marmalade (pack of 6) - 1.5 oz

    Finely sliced orange zest for a refined breakfast marmalade. Learn More

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  • Uncle Roys Rabbie's Burnie Mustard - 6.7oz

    Uncle Roys Rabbie's Burnie Mustard - 6.7oz

    Uncle Roy's hot and spicy alternative mustard Learn More
  • Sauce For Haggis with Redcurrants and Whisky - 7.4 oz

    Sauce For Haggis with Redcurrants and Whisky - 7.4 oz

    An age old secret recipe made with redcurrants, whisky and Horseradish that will compliment your favorite Caledonian Kitchen Haggis. Learn More
  • Pink Grapefruit Marmalade - 12oz

    Pink Grapefruit Marmalade - 12oz

    An award winning mixture of tangy pink grapefruit and sweetness make up this classic combination marmalade. Learn More
  • Port Wine Jelly - 8.8oz

    Port Wine Jelly - 8.8oz

    Goes well with game and meats. Also makes a delicious spread on biscuits and english muffins. Learn More
  • Onion Marmalade w/Black Olives & Balsamic Vinegar- 10oz

    Onion Marmalade w/Black Olives & Balsamic Vinegar- 10oz

    2010 Great Taste Gold Medal Award Winner

    Mrs B has surpassed herself with this award winning combination of flavors. Rich, tangy and packed with flavor, it's perfect with cold cuts.

    Learn More
  • Blueberry and Black Currant Preserve

    Black Currant and Blueberry Preserve (pack of 6) - 1.5 oz

    A hint of blueberry is the perfect addition to a traditional blackcurrant preserve. Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Lemon Curd

    Lemon Curd (pack of 6) - 1.5 oz

    Beautifully fresh tasting! Learn More
  • Blood Orange Marmalade - 12oz.

    Blood Orange Marmalade - 12oz.

    Perfect for those looking for a slightly sweeter marmalade. Learn More
  • Damson Preserve - 12oz

    Damson Preserve - 12oz

    Deeply opulent in color - this nostalgic preserve is richly comforting. Learn More
  • Lime Curd -12oz

    Lime Curd -12oz

    A zesty new addition to the range! Perfect for those who enjoy strong citrus flavors. Learn More
  • Chocolate Chilli Mustard

    Chocolate Chilli Mustard - 6.3oz

    Belgian chocolate, Scotland's favorite mustard, and a dash of chilli spice! What more could you ask for? Learn More
  • Chili Jam

    Chili Jam - 12oz

    Sweet, spreadable spiciness in a jar. That is the joy of Mrs. Bridges' Chili Jam. Learn More
  • Date&FigChutney

    Date & Fig Chutney - 12oz

    Sweet, tangy, and unique! The perfect addition to any sandwich. Learn More
  • Christmas Chutney - 8.5oz

    Christmas Chutney - 8.5oz

    A new accompaniment for the Christmas dining table. A fruity flavored chutney with a hint of spice. Learn More

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  • Mango Chutney

    Mango Chutney with Lime and Ginger - 10oz

    Sweet and tangy chutney! Alternative to the typical hum-drum mustard. Learn More
  • Wholegrain Mustard with Ale

    Wholegrain Mustard with Black Galloway Stout - 6.7oz

    Wholegrain mustard with real ale! Learn More
  • Four Fruits Marmalade

    Four Fruit Marmalade - 12oz.

    Enjoy your favorite citrus fruits in this unforgettable marmalade: orange, lemon, grapefruit and lime. Learn More
  • Christmas Marmalade

    Christmas Marmalade - 8.8oz

    An orange marmalade with cranberries, ginger and a hint of Christmas spice! Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Chilli Jelly

    Chilli Jelly -8.8oz

    A hot jelly, made with chilli flakes. Learn More
  • Ginger Preserve with Malt Whisky - 12oz

    Ginger Preserve with Malt Whisky - 12oz

    The bestselling preserve from Mrs Bridges has been fortified with a hint of Whisky. Learn More
  • Morello Cherry Preserve - 12oz

    Morello Cherry Preserve - 12oz

    A new preserve from Mrs Bridges! Made with tasty morello cherries, this is a chunky preserve, ideal for afternoon tea. Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Lemon Curd -12oz

    Lemon Curd -12oz

    Beautifully fresh tasting - this is Mrs Bridges classic curd. What more can we say? Learn More